TeleHealth is the way we offer sessions when clients cannot come to the office, via video or audio calls. All psychotherapists at Chamin Ajjan Psychotherapy are available to work with clients remotely.  We use secure HIPPA compliant platforms for all communication with our clients, including psychotherapy sessions. 

Telehealth for individual, couples and group sessions or workshops is very similar to an in-person session or workshop. We can provide meaningful and effective treatment of anxiety, depression, relationship problems, sexual issues, trauma and many other clinical issues that are usually treated in person.  If your presenting issue is not appropriate for TeleHealth we will provide you with a referral.

Though we use encrypted, highly secure platforms for all communications, and hacking is not likely, privacy is not guaranteed. We advice you to make sure you are using a password protected WiFi connection and that you are in a private location for your sessions.

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