Group Psychotherapy


Group Therapy is a unique way to learn from and support peers who are dealing with similar issues, normalize feelings, reduce isolation and practice new skills as you develop trusting and healthy relationships.  It is also a great option for those seeking to supplement their individual therapy or for those with financial constraints.  If there is a group that you would like to see started, please CLICK HERE.





 for Female Adult Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse


This group was personally designed this group to help women understand the effects of trauma, reduce feelings of shame and guilt, and empower group members in a safe and confidential environment.  LEARN MORE.


Embroidery & CBT for Anxiety

Embroidery and CBT for Anxiety is a 10 session group that incorporates CBT practices such as identifying automatic thoughts, feelings, behaviors and physical reactions, challenging thoughts, behavioral activation, and naming cognitive distortions with Expressive Arts Therapy.  We will use EAT to help promote emotional growth and healing through the creative process of embroidery.  Group members will work on an embroidery project inspired by an adaptive thought that is self identified, giving them a tangible creation to help them visualize their progress. No past experience with embroidery is required.

To register or for more information please contact 917.476.9381 or CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP OR LEARN MORE.