“I have looked forward to my weekly appointments with Chamin, and really value the guidance she gave me on how to manage stress and bad habits.  I really appreciate her advice and think I am happier, healthier and stronger for it!”

– Susana 29

“Chamin, words cannot express what you have done for me through this journey.  Even though some sessions were very tough, having your ear and input without any judgments is beyond appreciated and priceless.”

– Jhonell, 34

“I was working with a client for some time who was struggling to overcome a sexual abuse history. She was making progress in her individual work, but when I showed her the notice about Chamin’s group we both thought it was worth a try. The organized presentation of critical psycho-education in the context of sharing of her experiences with others in a safe and supported way was key to her recovery.  Chamin’s group was a real turning point for this client, and Chamin was wonderful to work with as a colleague.”

– Emily Siegel, LCSW (Psychotherapist)

“Chamin has done so much to help me realize my self worth.  When I met her, I was looking for the inner strength to learn to love the skin I’m in and have a greater appreciation for what life has to offer me.  It took some time but I feel a lot closer to where I want to be.  I’m much more confident than I used to be.  I look in the mirror and see a woman that is capable of going as far as her mind will take her.  I take much more pride in myself.  The past few years have been a journey.  I haven’t reached my destination yet but I’m pretty close and on the right track.”

-Stephanie, 30

“I never thought I could tell or talk about some of the things that happened to me.  I thought it would always sit in my throat or my stomach…It was so meaningful to be ‘accepted’ and have someone see some good in me, after knowing all the ‘ugly’.”

– Carla, 51

“Your warmth, positivity, respectfulness, sensitivity, knowledge and humor set a beautiful tone from the start…pure loveliness.”

– Sam, 35

“Deepest thanks, Chamin.  You helped me through some extremely sad and tough times this past year.  I appreciate all the help to get me through and bring the real Meredith back to life!”

-Meredith, 34

“Chamin was very personable and it was easy to feel comfortable with her. She is very knowledgeable and a wonderful therapist.”

-Leotha, 41

“Chamin is a true professional. I am so glad she picked this field. So many people need help and she is a top notch therapist…life coach and more. She has become a caring friend that I really trust with my emotional care. Thanks Chamin…”

-Miranda, 37

“I am so grateful to Chamin for all her support and encouragement, and mostly for helping me uncover truth about myself that I might not have otherwise addressed…I highly recommend her holistic therapy services…to improve themselves…and be happier with their lives. Thank you so much Chamin!”

-Sydney, 25

“Before therapy with Chamin I thought therapy was just for ‘crazy’ people. But after my therapy sessions with Chamin I realized that therapy is a useful resource to assist people with coping with challenging situations in life. Now, I would recommend therapy, in general, to friends and family.”

-Female, 30


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