Couples Therapy

CouplesBeing in a committed relationship can be one of the most rewarding aspects of the human experience.  Most of us strive to find a partner that we can share our lives with, care for and feel connected to.  However, once we find ourselves in relationship it becomes clear that they are inherently complex and can be very challenging.

Couples Therapy can bring about a definition of your struggles, better communication, identification of current patterns/cycles and an understanding of your particular relationship dynamic.  With this understanding, you can learn new skills and develop ways to avoid the negative patterns that keep you from maintaining harmony, happiness and fulfillment.

I have been fortunate enough to work with couples from many different backgrounds.  They are straight, gay, and lesbian couples, as well as bi-cultural, bi-racial or of similar backgrounds.  My approach is thoughtful, compassionate, mindful and unbiased.  I find it important to address each partner’s feelings early on and establish a relationship with the couple that clearly defines our roles and goals. This helps to create a safe space to explore the couple as a system and promotes healing and growth.

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